Mayfield Governors

The Governors of our school are a dedicated, committed and enthusiastic group of people that seek to ensure that we are providing the best standards of care, teaching and learning opportunities for all children at Mayfield. 

The Governors of Mayfield have a strong skill-set and work proactively and co-operatively with the Headteacher and staff to improve the outcomes for all children at the school.  A strategic approach is taken for all new appointments to ensure that a balance of key skills, within the Governing Body, is maintained.


The Role of the Governor

Governors have a strategic overview of the whole school that encompasses finance, the curriculum, building and site, and health and safety.

Governors perform a crucial role in ensuring that the school is financially buoyant, that public money is being spent to advantage all children and that the school adheres to local and national requirements.  

In terms of their curriculum role, Governors review school data and ask questions about outcomes and value for money.  They ensure that the school provides a broad and balanced curriculum and that there are enrichment opportunities for children. They work with senior leaders to monitor standards across the curriculum and conduct visits with subject leaders.   

Governors ensure that health and safety standards are fully met through the checking of reports, visits to the site and discussion with staff.  Governors have an overview of safeguarding and conduct an annual audit as well as spot checks to ensure procedures are robust.


Our Governors

Name   Appointment Appointing Body Beginning of Term*

Area of focus on Governing Body

Declaration of Interest

* Governors confirm their declarations at every meeting and complete a declaration once per year

Joanna Jordan Head


None declared
Emily Bishop Chair - Co-opted Governing Body 26/09/2022




Pay Panel

None declared
Guy Barton Parent Parents  20/07/2021




None declared

Sam Mir



Governing Body 01/9/2021



None declared
Sharon Morton Co-opted Governing Body 01/01/2021

CP & Safeguarding


LAC Governor

None declared
Lily Tomantseva Associate Governor Governing Body 21/03/2022 Health and Safety None declared
Cassy Becker-Smith cassy Co-opted (Vice Chair) Governing Body 26/09/2022


Maths (shadow)

Pay Panel

None declared

Lizzie Middleton Parent Governor Parents 20/10/2022


Well-being and mental health


None declared

Adelaide Baah Associate Governor Governing Body 25/09/2023



Diversity and Equality

 None declared

Jas Grewel jas Staff Governor Elected by Staff 01/09/2023


 None declared

Alex Evans Clerk 27/3/2013   School Business Manager at Mayfield Primary
Governors that have resigned within last 6 months

Ellie Brown

James Rotimi


Contacting Governors

Our Governors can be contacted by the Clerk to Governors - Alex Evans

Please find our Complaints Procedure on our Policy Page 

Please find our Whistleblowing Policy on our Policy Page



The Mayfield Governing Body have run a meeting model where by the Full Governing Body meet 6 times per year rather than a committee based approach since Spring 2020. Individual Governors with relevant skills take on specific areas to monitor and report back the Full Governing Body - you can see which Governors monitor which areas on the table above.

A separate Pay and Appraisal Committee meets once per year.

Meeting Attendance

 EB, SM, BC, PB, SM, GB, BE, EBr. AE (Clerk)

JR & CBS as observers

21/03/2022 EBi (Chair), SMo (Vice Chair), PB, BC, CBS, EBr, BE, AE (Clerk),
05/09/2022 EBi (Chair), SM (Vice Chair), PB, BC, CBS, JR, HW, GB, BE, LT AE (Clerk)
20/06/2022 EB, SMo, HW, SMi, BC, GB, CBS, JR, BE, AE (Clerk)
26/09/2022 EB, PB,SMI, HW, GBA, BE, CBS, JR, LT AE (Clerk)
21/11/2022 EB, JR, LT, LM, BE , AE (Clerk)
23/01/2023 EB, EBr, BE, CBS, GBa, Smi, LM, AE (Clerk)
13/03/2023 EB, BE, EBr, Smi, Gba, LM, AE (Clerk)
 15/05/2023  BE, EB, EBR, PB, SMi, GBa, JR, LM, LT, AE (Clerk)
 19/06/2023 EB, BE, EBr, CBS, SMo, SMi, GB, LT, PB, LM, AE (Clerk)

EB, JJ, JG, CBS, SMo, GB, LM, AB ,

AE (Clerk)


EBi, JJ, CSB, SMo, GB, SMi, LM, LT, ABa, AE (Clerk)




 EBi, JJ, AB, LT, GB, CB-S, SMi, LM


 EBi, JJ, CB-S, SMo, SMi ,LM, GB, JG

AE (Clerk)

The governors’ role

As Governors we have three roles:

  • To be strategic;
  • To act as a critical friend in the development of the school;
  • To be accountable to the whole school community – particularly to pupils and to parents.

Find out more about the role of Governors in school here.

How we work

The Mayfield Governing Body operates a 'circular' model.  This means the full Governing Body all meet at least 6 times per year.  Individual Governors hold responsibility for particular areas such as finance, curriculum area and standards and buildings and safety.

Working together

Our school motto is "working together for a brighter future". This is about everyone – parents, staff, governors and the wider school community – working in partnership to ensure that every child can succeed and reach their full potential. To achieve this, and to carry out our role as governors effectively, we need to know what issues are important to you (so we remain responsive) and ensure that you know what issues the governors are discussing (so that we remain accountable).

Keeping in touch

The website is a good way of keeping up to date with all aspects of school life. If you have a concern or a point of view to share, please come and speak to us.

There are lots of ways of sharing your views with us. As some of our governors are also parents of children at school, so we can often be found around at the beginning and end of the school day. We will also be arranging specific opportunities and times throughout the school year to hear from you and keep in touch. Alternatively, you can always leave us a note at the school office.

If you'd like to contact the Chair of Governors you can do this via the Clerk to Governors

Becoming a governor

Mayfield Governing Body undertake a skills audit once a year, or when a Governor leaves their term of office and a vacancy arises, to identify any gaps in our skills base.

It is important that the Governing Body is composed of individuals with a broad range of skills and experience that they can use to contribute to the strategic direction of the school.

The most important thing to note is that governors are a team, not a collection of individuals or groups with separate agendas. However much we may differ in our opinions and experiences we are united by our commitment to the school and the responsibility we share for its long-term success. In short, we have a common purpose. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a school governor please get in touch with any of our governors.