Christian Foley - exciting Book Week visitor!

We are super excited to have the amazing Christian Foley visiting us on Monday 10th of June. Christian is a writer, rapper and a teacher – all at once. Over the last decade, Christian has worked with thousands of children, and hundreds of teachers every year, visiting primary and secondary schools and delivering workshops for staff and students.  His visit is in preparation for our Art/poetry weeks, which will take place in the following 2 weeks. Christian will be focusing on the spoken word - rap and poetry. He will be helping the children to focus on performance poetry skills. This is an important part of the English National Curriculum.  
Please click on the link below to find out more about Christian and see videos of him in action:
Christian Foley - Musician, Poet, Writer and Educator

In addition to performing for the children and running workshops for Upper key Stage 2, he will also be available to sign books after school. 
You can either buy one of his books in advance (see the links below) or purchase one on the day. He will only have a limited number available on the day, as he is travelling by public transport. The books for sale on the day will need to be paid for in cash, so please bring the correct money. 

Christian will be in the playground after school on that date to sign any books purchased in advance or on the day.

Here is some information about the books, which cover all age ranges. The first two are Hip-Hop picture books, they come with QR codes to help children practice their rap to music as well as read. 

somebearsodd sock

'Some Bears' (Nursery, Reception, Y1) 

'The Oddsocktopus' (Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4) 

Both books can be purchased here:'Some Bears' is not officially out until July but you can find The Oddsocktopus on amazon etc.

moving up

'Moving Up' (Y5, Y6) - can be found on amazon or all digital and major physical retailers: