Music at Mayfield

We love to celebrate music at Mayfield!

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy music at Mayfield, both within the curriculum and as additional activities.

Ms Walker, our Music Co-ordinator, leads whole class music lessons which include the three fundamentals of music; listening and appraising, performing and composing. In whole class lessons the children explore these fundamentals of music through singing, and playing both tuned and untuned percussion. Children begin to learn to read western classical musical notation in year 3 during their first recorder unit and build upon this throughout their time in KS2.

Being able to read musical notation is a wonderful skill, and can be transferred to any instrument if your child wishes to move on and learn another instrument outside of the classroom.

We offer additional music lessons at Mayfield in the following instruments:

  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Recorder

Home Learning

Instrumental Lessons