Oracy at Mayfield


What is oracy?

Oracy means you can express yourself fluently and communicate effectively with others.


Why a focus on oracy? 

In school, oracy is a powerful tool for learning; by teaching students to become more effective speakers and listeners we empower them to better understand themselves, each other and the world around them. 


Through a high quality oracy education students learn through talk and to talk. This is when they develop and deepen their subject knowledge and understanding through talk in the classroom, which has been planned, designed, modelled, scaffolded and structured to enable them to learn the skills needed to talk effectively.


Voice 21:

Mayfield Primary are taking part in the Voice 21 Oracy programme. Voice 21 is on a mission to transform the learning and life chances of young people through talk, so that all children can use their voice for success in school and in life.


How can you support your child with oracy?

  • When you collect your child from school, try to give your child your full attention. It is sometimes tempting to be on the phone or talk to another adult but asking them about their day or what they have learnt can really develop their oracy skills and strengthen the bond you have with your child
  • Encourage your child to speak in full sentences and correct any incorrect grammar – gotted (got), we was (we were)
  • Limit screen time and encourage your child to play independently, with you, another family member or a friend
  • Make time for each other e.g have a designated family time such as eating together or playing a game.
  • Read with your child regularly – as well as develop their oracy skills, this will also contribute to their academic achievement.
  • Turn everyday activities into an oracy opportunity – talk, talk talk!


There will be more documents and information added as we progress through the Voice 21 programme. In the meantime, you can download key documentation linked to Oracy below:  


Oracy framework

Voice 21 Discussion guidelines