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Bespoke and cutting-edge Curriculum underpinned by research


Bespoke and cutting-edge: Our curriculum is bespoke.  Informed and underpinned by cutting-edge research and designed by staff and the Senior Leadership Team to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and the needs of our community.  Our curriculum decisions have been influenced by the Ofsted Research Papers, the work of Rosenshine and Tom Sherrington whose work has influenced the implementation of the curriculum, Mary Myatt (From Gallimaufry to Coherence, Huh, Back on Track), Christine Counsell (History Advisor National Curriculum), David Didou, Alex Quigley (Closing the Vocabulary Gap) and the research papers of the Education Endowment Fund. Mayfield is always at the forefront of change, we adapt quickly and where needed to secure the best outcomes for our children.

Exceptional Outdoor Provision


Additionally, our outdoor provision is exceptional and we have created an outdoor environment that promotes harmonious play, active engagement and a balance of social interactivity, creativity and individual pursuits.  From individual skill development through outdoor gym exercises, circus skills, stilt walking, flower-stick tricks and diablo twirling, to team activities such as table tennis, football, basketball, 4-square, scootering on our track and tennis, to more creative play on the stage using props to perform, dance and sing and quiet areas in the nature garden and the reading garden where children can play chess, draw, colour or indulge in a book. Our outdoor provision promotes enjoyment, maintains harmony and supports the personal, social and emotional development of our children.

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