Key Stage 2 Learning Links

The following links will take you to some great KS2 resources.  Remember to check out your class pages too as there may be some more specific resources for your topics on those pages.  You may need your lgfl log-in to access these links.

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Literacy Links - click on the images.   Follow the SMART rules and keep safe online
 Create your own picture book  Link to arts cam                                   

Read myths and legends here. You can

even publish your own online!

 Myths and Legends
Read and listen to stories in your home language here 

 Talking Stories 1Talking Stories 2

Talking Stories 3

Maths Links - click on the images.  Remember to follow SMART rules and keep safe.

There's lots of different maths tasks and

challenges here


Why not try some maths raps to help remember some maths rules?

Maths rap link
You will find some great maths games here! Maths Zone link
Practice your times tables here Times Wizard
You'll find some challenging problems here Enrich Link


French Links - Click on the picture. Remeber to follow the SMART rules online!                       
French                                                                                          Rigolo