School Council

Our hard-working School Council is made up 16 children, a team of two children from each class in year 3 - year 6. 

Each year the children vote for their School Council Representative by going to the polls.

Candidates need to:  study the job description and decide to nominate themselves for the class role.  Candidates prepare a speech and present this to their class outlining why they would make a great School Council Rep.

The classes are formally invited to vote by Mrs Ewart.

Then the studio is set up with voting booths.  The Poll Clerk registers the pupils as they come to the desk and hands each one a poll card. Then into the voting booths to make their confidential vote.

The children place their votes in the ballot box and this is always returned to Mr Ratchford who counts up the votes.

In assembly, Mr Ratchford announces the new School Council Class Representatives.

 One of the tasks that the School Council consider each year is which charities to support.

The School Council also provide ideas to improve our school and then raise funds to support this idea.