Reading Buddies and Recommended Reads

Our Reading Buddies love to read! They love to read on their own and they love to read with other people.  At breaktimes it's their mission to spread the word about reading to all the children and adults in the school!


Mayfield's recommended reads for Autumn 2021 are:


 There's a Lion in my Cornflakes by Michelle Robinson



Beast Quest books by Adam Blade  (Stage: 10) 

  Bixara the Horned Dragon: Special 26 (Beast Quest)       Kyron, Lord of Fire: Series 26 Book 4 (Beast Quest)       Silexa the Stone Cat: Series 26 Book 3 (Beast Quest)      Mallix the Silent Stalker: Series 26 Book 2 (Beast Quest) 

Great Women Who Made History and Great women Who Worked Wonders (Stage: 13)

  Fantastically Great Women Who Made History        Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders 


The Creakers by Tom Fletcher (Stage: 15)

The Creakers






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