House Points

When you  start at Mayfield you will become part of a House Team.  If you have a brother or sister at Mayfield then

you will be in the same House as them.

The four Houses are:

Lammas (Yellow)

Pitshanger (Red)

Walpole (Blue)

Gunnersbury (Green)

Each House is named after an Ealing Park.

 By being a part of the House family, students are encouraged to show team spirit and work together to achieve points.  Furthermore the House system gives pupils a chance to work with students from different year groups that they might not normally get to work with. 

So how can you earn House Points?

You can be awarded House points for a range of reasons from working hard in lessons, making a positive contribution to lessons or the school or by doing the right thing and demonstrating the  Mayfield Values. There will also be points awarded for perfect attendance and punctuality.

 Intra-school competitions are organised and run by the Mayfield Sports Leaders. These give pupils further opportunities to represent their House and earn points.

There is usually great excitement every Friday, when during assembly the House points are totalled and the Winning House is awarded the House Cup.